First Mothers Day Gifts

The first Mother’s Day is a special time in any mom’s life. Thrill the new mom with one of our delightful First Mothers Day gifts

First Mothers Day Gift Ideas

First Mothers Day Gifts
Every new mom deserves a fabulous first Mothers Day! After all – it’s one of the few occasions in life that only happens once. Here are a few tips to help make her day extra-special and unforgettable.

  1. Start the day off right! Breakfast in bed is a time-honored tradition, and it’s one that every new mother deserves. Even if you’re not a fabulous cook, bring in some gourmet bagels, croissants, or even donuts. Add a nice tray of fruit, some coffee (preferably in a mug with the baby’s picture on it!), some juice, and a nice cloth napkin, and you’ve got a meal that Mommy will savor.Don’t forget the flowers – what’s breakfast in bed without a small vase of flowers? Ok, still pretty nice, but go that one extra step. Ask the new mom if she’d rather snuggle with you and the baby while she eats, or if she’d rather eat in peace while you take the baby elsewhere.
  2. Get a memorable gift. Jewelry is always an appropriate Mothers Day gift (you might want to remember this on future Mothers Days!) The rage now is for name charm necklaces with the child’s name on them. Add a birthstone or other charm if you’d like. Definitely a gift that Mommy will wear proudly for years to come.Another memorable gift is a picture frame. Choose one especially for the first Mother’s Day, or choose one that matches the room color that she’ll place the frame in. Another great option for a favorite photo is to create a family heirloom by having it printed on canvas.
  3. Mothers Day should be a day of relaxation. Plan a fun family activity, but don’t forget to give Mom some time off for a nap. Take care of the baby in the evening so that the exhausted Mom can enjoy a relaxing bath. Surprise her with a massage and a spa gift basket.