Circle Necklace with Kids Names

A circle necklace with kids names is a fashionable way to display your love for your family!  The circle represents the eternal love a mother has for her children, as well as the circle of life. 

Circle Necklace with Kids Names

If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day, Christmas or birthday gift for your Mom or Grandma, a necklace with their loved one’s names is always an excellent choice.  Prices for personalized necklaces start at under $25, and can run over $500 depending upon the materials and design you choose.

Circle Necklace with Kids Names
Circle Necklace with Up to 10 Kids Names at Eve’s Addiction

Necklaces with Kids Names for Large Families

It really depends upon the design.  It’s very easy to find a pendant that works if your family size is under 7.  If your family is larger than that, it gets a bit trickier.

If you have 10 or fewer names, your best bet is try the personalized circle necklaces at Eve’s Addiction.  They offer styles in both sterling silver and gold – and prices are under $80!

If you have more than 10 names, you could look at either getting multiple charms, each representing an individual child or a family group.

About Personalized Necklaces

Since each necklace is made to order, the items cannot be returned unless the retailer has made a mistake in manufacturing the necklace. 

Be sure to check carefully the spelling of each name as well as the birthstone – it’s easy to make a mistake.

In many necklaces, you’ll have a choice of the type of metal you want to use – sterling silver or yellow gold are the most common; a few necklaces are also available in rose gold.

You will also sometimes have the choice of whether to use simulated birthstones or genuine birthstones.  Genuine birthstones are a bit pricier. 

Last Minute Orders

Shipping times vary greatly with each retailer.  Check carefully for the processing and shipping times.  As a general rule, allow at least two or three weeks to avoid rush shipping fees.

During Mother’s Day and Christmas rush periods, many jewelers will offer faster production and shipping than normal to keep up with the demand.

If you’ve waited until the absolute last minute, the best place to check is Pictures on Gold

Their family jewelry collection includes necklaces that can be personalized (with names and birthstones) and ship out in just 1 business day!  So you could order a necklace today and get it tomorrow.

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