A first Mother’s Day is a unique time in a woman’s life.  The first Mother’s Day represents the year of the biggest change in her life:  becoming a mom.  The new mom’s body has changed, her identity has changed, her sleep patterns have changed! 

I’m sure you want to find that perfect first Mother’s Day gift!   A first Mother’s Day gift that will celebrate the joys of this first year of being a mom.  Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas has a fabulous selection of first Mother’s Day gift ideas that will help you make the first Mother’s Day memorable.

A New Family Tradition Starts with First Mother’s Day Gift

The new family starts a tradition with the first Mother’s Day.  Several of our first Mother’s Day gift recommendations will help your family start memorable, unique Mother’s Day experiences that your new mom and family will love for years to come.

Customize Jewelry for Beautiful First Mother’s Day Gift

Our first Mother’s Day gifts include beautiful jewelry for the fashionable new mom.  A Lifeline Storywheels necklace is a fabulous tradition to start for the new mom’s first Mother’s Day gift.  You create a unique story by adding charms to this stunning necklace.  Imagine the new mom’s pleasure as her unique necklace changes from year to year as you give her additional charms for Mother’s Day and other holiday gifts!

A Sentimental First Mother’s Day Gift

A wonderful first Mother’s Day gift for the sentimental mom is the Year of Wishes vase.  This gorgeous porcelain ginger-jar music box is beautiful to look at, but the best part of this first Mother’s Day gift is inside.  Nestled inside the jar are 365 inspirational wishes for the new mom to enjoy one at a time through-out the entire year!  You can start a wonderful family tradition with this first Mother’s Day gift – just write new messages each year.

First Mother’s Day Gift that Pampers the New Family

Home-delivered gourmet meals are a thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift.  I remember that pizza was the most frequent meal our family had during my first year as a mom.  Gourmet meals pamper the new mom – and who needs pampering more than new moms?  This fabulous first Mother’s Day gift allows the new parents to relax and enjoy family life without worrying about cooking – or finding the pizza coupons!

Easy First Mother’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

Photo gifts are ideal first Mother’s Day gifts.  It’s almost ridiculously easy now to create beautiful first Mother’s Day gifts from the comfort of your own PC.  First Mother’s Day Photo gifts range from bookmarks and luggage tags for under $10, to coffee mugs, aprons, and playing cards.  Start a wonderful Mother’s Day family tradition by giving the new mom a journal with the baby’s photo for her first Mother’s Day gift!  Just update the journal throughout the year as the baby changes.  Each year, you can give Mom a new photo journal for Mother’s Day with an updated picture of the baby.  What a memorable family tradition to start as a first Mother’s Day gift!

Mother’s Day is May 11 – Order First Mother’s Day Gift Today!

At any rate, you’re probably ready to start shopping for that precious first Mother’s Day gift now.  Be sure to check out all of our unique first Mother’s Day gifts.

Remember, the first Mother’s Day is the start of a family tradition!  Whatever first Mother’s Day gift you choose, give it with love – that’s the most important requirement for a memorable first Mother’s Day gift!