Mother’s Day Gifts for the Stressed-Out Mom

Show me a woman today who isn’t stressed out about something, and I’ll set her up with a book deal – obviously, she has some deep secret that she needs to teach the rest of us!Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give your favorite lady a gift that will pamper and help her relax. If she’s the type to enjoy a massage or a mani/pedi, give her a gift certificate to her favorite spot.

If you can afford a cruise or a fabulous vacation (or to send the kids off to sleep-away camp for a few days or years), I’m sure Mom would love those gifts also.

Otherwise, read on to find my top  gifts for the stressed-out woman.

Bath Accessories

Mom would probably love for you to redo her bathroom with a state-of-the art luxury jacuzzi tub, but that’s probably not in your budget. (And actually, all the construction would probably cause Mom even more stress).

So you probably go with something a little less construction-intensive, such as an inflatable spa bath tub (yes, there’s really such a thing), or another accessory, such as this bath caddy pictured.

Wine Gifts

What's more relaxing than settling down with a nice glass (or two) of wine after a hard day at work?

I'm sure Mom would appreciate a bottle or two of her favorite wine for Mother's Day.  Or you could splurge on a gourmet wine gift basket that includes scrumptious snacks as well (check out the amazing wine gift baskets at GiftTree).

A funny wine glass is another great option that Mom is sure to enjoy - Amazon has a wonderful selection!


It’s not always convenient or affordable for Mom or Grandma to go to a masseuse whenever she wants to relax with a massage. She can soothe tired muscles any time she wants with an at-home massager, kindly given to her by her loving child.

If you have the budget, go all out with a reclining massage chair that will relax all her muscles while she reads or watches tv.

Otherwise, pick a portable chair massager like the one pictured here or a massager that focuses on her specific area of discomfort.

A Great Night's Sleep

Mom probably lost a lot of sleep during your teenage years, worrying about late nights, broken curfews, and your grades. Hopefully, you’re not still the source of her lack of sleep – if you are, stop whatever it is that you’re doing…that would be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

But it’s the rare woman who can’t use a little more sleep. A sound relaxation machine like the one here plays soothing noises that will help Mom relax, as well as block out annoying little sounds that might keep her awake.

Who knows? Maybe after a great night’s sleep Mom will be inspired to make your favorite breakfast!

Spa Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love getting gift baskets – it’s like suddenly finding a treasure of goodies on your front step!

Pamper the harried woman with a selection of spa-themed goodies that she can use at her leisure.

And they’re especially great if you’re looking for a last-minute gift – they can usually be delivered the next day!

Soothing Teas

There’s just something so soothing and relaxing about sitting down with a cup of tea. And many herbal teas have been found to help calm you down.

Consider giving a teapot set for one like the darling set pictured here, which includes a small teapot and cup.

There are so many cute styles at Amazon - you're sure to find one that's perfect!

Aromatherapy Gifts

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, yet it’s suddenly become very trendy these days.

Aromatherapy is a very effective way of using scents to relieve stress. If your Mom is under pressure, get her a set of essential oils to use in a warm bath. The warm water allows the oils to soak into her skin.

You could also consider getting her candles such as the one pictured here or an aromatherapy diffuser which will release fragrance into the air to reduce stress.


Mom will love unwinding with a good book on those ​hot summer days in a super-comfy, padded hammock.

The perfect accessory for her patio (you can buy a hammock with a stand) or yard (if she has big trees!)​

A hammock is just what every stressed Mom needs!

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