Personalized Family Bracelets

If you’re looking for a gift that Mom or Grandma will treasure forever, consider one of our personalized family bracelets.  You’re sure to find the perfect bracelet in this collection of the top 20 personalized bracelets!

Personalized Family Bracelets

Are you looking for an affordable and unique gift for your mother or grandmother, consider a custom-made bracelet with her loved one’s names or birthstones.  You can find personalized family bracelets in so many different styles – t’s easy to find one that fits her unique fashion style and personality.

Personalized family bracelets come in all price ranges – starting at under $25.  (If you’re looking for an inexpensive family bracelet, your best bet is Limoges Jewelry).  

How to Choose a Personalized Family Bracelet

When choosing a personalized family bracelet, think about the type of metal Mom or Grandma prefers wearing. Most women have a preference for either silver or gold; try to get a bracelet that matches her preference.

You’ll need to make sure that your bracelet has enough room for the names or birthstones of all her family members.  If you have more than about 10 names, you’ll probably need to order more than one bracelet.  

Your choice is probably going to come down to the overall look of the bracelet.  As you’re shopping, try to think of the recipient’s taste in jewelry – simple, or more ornate?  

Be sure to plan ahead when shopping for a custom-made bracelet.  It can take 3 weeks for your bracelet to be custom-made; ordering well in advance of the occasion saves you money on express shipping costs.